1. The minimum rental time is 1 day, calculated based on the 24-hour system. (Return time equal to delivery time and departure date)


  1. The lessee is obliged to return the leased vehicle to a Dion Rent representative on the indicated date, time (max +1 hour) and location. Any modification (extension or reduction) requires the written consent of Dion Rent. Returns or delays beyond one (1) hour from the indicated time and up to the first 3 hours, are charged with 50% of the daily rent, while more than 3 hours are charged up to an additional day


  1. The lessee is responsible from the time of receipt of the vehicle until its return and delivery to a Dion Rent representative for fines, traffic violations, illegal parking and administrative penalties and for which he is obliged to pay and deliver a certified copy of the payment deed or proof, otherwise our company will charge the amount of the infringement summons plus administration costs of 15.00 Euro either after the declaration of the infringement by him at the time of delivery of the vehicle, or after notification by the police or municipal authorities at a later time and without any time limit for these charges.


  1. The lessee is obliged to inspect the vehicle, (interior and exterior), indicate any damages by marking the Damage Table in front accordingly and return the vehicle in exactly the same condition


  1. The vehicle insurance included in the rental covers the following:

1. Death and bodily injury of third parties, not on board the vehicle

2. Material damages of third parties


  1. In the event that the lessee is involved in an accident through his fault or without his knowledge, (regardless of the coverage he has accepted), and in order to submit a statement to the Insurance company, he is charged with the amount of 30% of the annual insurance premiums with a minimum amount of 100.00 euros as well as the amount of 100 euros + VAT. 24% as accident file expenses.


  1. It is particularly emphasized that in any case of accident (collision, deflection, etc.) or damage (scratches, scratches, etc.) and with any insurance coverage, the Traffic Police must be informed immediately (tel. 100) and Dion Rent and upon returning the vehicle the Traffic Accident Report drawn up by the Traffic Police must be presented and the Accident Insurance Declaration must be signed, otherwise the renter will be considered responsible and will be charged with all the damages caused and corresponding days, even and if it had been proved to “F.D.W.” or ”C.D.W.”


  1. The lessee can limit his liability for any damage to his vehicle to the amount of 322.58 euros + VAT. 24% (or depending on the category of the vehicle, with a maximum exemption of 645.16 euros + VAT 24%) if he accepts in advance in writing the clause Waiver of Liability for Damages or ”C.D.W.” The cost of the Waiver of Damages for categories B,C,D,D1,J,L it is set at 5.00 euros/day, for categories E,F at 10.00 euros/day while for categories M,N,O at 15 euros/day .


  1. The Waiver of Liability or ”C.D.W.” has no effect, even if agreed and accepted, in the following cases:
  • 1.Racing or towing vehicles, trailers and other trailers.
  • 2. To load things beyond the capacity of the vehicle as defined by the  manufacturer
  • 3. Unilateral consent of liability on the part of the tenant in case of an accident, without the immediate notification of Dion Rent and the presence of the Traffic Police (tel. 100) to provide a copy of the Incident Report
  • 4. Operation of the vehicle by any third party (even a Driver’s License holder) not previously declared, regardless of their relationship to the lessee
  • 5. Operation of the vehicle beyond the agreed time and rental time indicated in advance
  • 6. Operation of the vehicle by a lessee under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • 7. Operation of the vehicle in violation of the C.O.K. Of the Greek Territory or in a way that endangers the vehicle, the passengers or even a third party
  • 8. Operation of the vehicle on impassable roads (unpaved)
  • 9. Operation of the vehicle to transport persons or things for a fee
  • 10. Operation of the vehicle for any illegal or criminal action in accordance with Greek Law
  • 11. Operation of the vehicle for learning to drive to a third person.

10. The destruction or loss of tires, rims or wheel bearings, crystals and glasses, sound system, (RCD, DVD), antennas, instruments as well as the lower part of the vehicle, except as a result of an accident, are expressly excluded from the exemption. Also, the interior (burning, tearing, or soiling of the upholstery) of the vehicle is not covered

11. It is noted that in cases of repair and restoration of damages, it is not allowed to choose a workshop on behalf of the lessee, in addition to